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The LiveLikeKatie Foundation (LLK) is the result of two families, the Vogg Family and the Novak Family, who faced a terrible and rare cancer called Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer) that ultimately took the lives of loved ones.

Why “LiveLikeKatie”? Katie was my wife and the mother of my two wonderful children. She lost her battle with Cholangiocarcinoma but the way she lived her life was a roadmap for those looking to live a loving, caring, selfless, faith-based life. While shortened, she had a joyous life filled with loving family, friends, faith and fun. Give, Live, Laugh, Love is what she so often preached. And so the Foundation is named with three simple letters to inspire us all to follow her approach to life: LLK

The LLK Foundation is a work-in-progress but is devoted to raising awareness of rare cancers and raising funds for the research efforts needed to detect, treat and someday cure these rare cancers, and ALL cancers. Let’s face it. Cancer will not be cured by one huge swipe of the research knife. It will die of a thousand cuts, so we have to keep cutting!

The clinical focus of the LLK Foundation will be to help the doctors and scientists at the University of Chicago, and elsewhere, with the funds needed to pursue promising treatments, detection methods, and one day….a cure. Rare cancers receive no public funding. We understand. There are cancers that affect a much broader swath of people than cholangiocarcinoma, and the public funding is funneled to these. I’m good with that. I understand the logic. But that is not a reason to give up. In fact, it’s a reason to fight, to contribute, and to be a part of something that will someday bring hope and joy to so many. Sadly, for my family and the Novak family, the research was not advanced enough to help us. So, it is up to us – you who are reading this post and me who is writing it – to fund it ourselves, to ensure that in the future we can help those that are affected by this disease; the patients and the families. ENOUGH with the Cancer already!!!

Our primary efforts to raise money will be through music events, festivals and concerts. Why music? Music brings people together and inspires people, which is the attitude we want to adopt as we battle against cancer. Please check here for updates on the activities of the LLK Foundation to raise money and awareness for cancer research and then JOIN US in person, in contribution, and most definitely in faith.

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